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In April 2020, I got to know the multinational trader Zoe on LinkedIn. He was looking for the candle tins suppliers for Yankee Candle. And, Yankee is well-known for the retail brand of candles and aromatherapy.

Zoe came across a big trouble: In spite of limited total purchase this time, he wanted to order many different styles. Though he would purchase 100,000 candle tins In total, he ordered at least 10 styles. The minimum order for a single style for candle tins suppliers was 30,000 ones. So most suppliers refused to accept this order. Even if some agreed to accept the order willingly, they also offered a very high quotation.

6 oz tin candle tins
6 oz tin candle tins

After communicating with customers for several days, Finetins provided them with a perfect solution. We spent some money developing a number of new molds for candle tins. Then hundreds of public domain designs are provided for guests to choose from. After the customers selected ten items, we produced 30,000 pieces each. Then, other customers of candle tins were recommended with the extra 20,000 candle tins.

60X40 mm candle tins
60X40 mm candle tins

Customers purchased the public domain candle tins to fill the candles, and then put the products in their own LOGO packaging before they were on sale in the market. So, it has solved Zoe’s troubles and it also gave a big hand to the entrepreneurial candle brands with small purchases.


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