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Candle tins are not just containers; they’re an integral part of the candle itself. They hold, protect, and present the wax, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functional experience. But what makes them so special? Let’s explore.

Candle tins have a rich and illustrious history. Not just for their functional value, but also for their aesthetic appeal and cultural significance.

Remember, the best candle tin is the one that suits your taste and needs. Take into account the aroma, the design and the tin itself. Not just a source of light, a candle tin reflects your personality. Allow it to echo your style statement.

There are many different types of candle containers and in my other article, you can find out how to choose a candle container.

All DIY tins and empty tins for finished candles are included in our selection. Now let’s dive into the main event: the top 7 most popular candle tins in 2023.

1. Yankee Candle Tin

Yankee Candle is known for its vast range of scents, and their tinned candles are no exception. They provide a long burn time and are perfect for travel.

Yankee Candle offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing designs on its tins. This, combined with their compact size, makes them a nice decorative addition to any space.

The metal tin can help contain the heat from the burning candle, making them potentially safer than glass jars, which can crack or break if they get too hot.

Burn Time: Up to 45 hours

Weight: 20 oz

Dimensions: 5.4″ x 3.2″


  • Unique, higher-melt-point wax designed for the outdoors.
  • Decorative tin vessel with a natural wooden lid designed to withstand outdoor elements.
  • Two larger wicks stay lit in outdoor spaces.
  • The decorative tin vessel is topped with a natural wooden lid that doubles as a base.
  • Helps with bugs.

2. Bath & Body Works Candle

These candles are synonymous with strong, room-filling fragrances. Their tins add a dash of style to any space. Bath & Body Works is well-known for the strength and variety of their fragrances. If they were to produce a tin candle line, it’s reasonable to expect these products to maintain that standard.

Bath & Body Works typically invests in attractive, stylish packaging and design for their products, so this would likely apply to any new product lines as well.

Burn Time: approximately 25-45 hours

Weight: 14.5 oz

Dimensions: 3″ x 4″


  • Infused with the good stuff (natural essential oils)
  • Our proprietary fragrance wax blend is formulated to provide the best fragrance experience.
  • Quality lead-free wicks
  • Amazing quality from beginning to end
  • Comes with a decorative lid

3. DINGPAI Silver Candle Tin

The silver candle tin is the most common candle container used by DIY enthusiasts.

Experience a touch of serene elegance with our Silver Candle Tin. The subtle, refined glow of its silver exterior captivates your senses even before the wick is lit. Its compact size makes it perfect for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space, and its sturdy design ensures you can take this piece of tranquility with you, wherever you go.

Once opened, let the rich fragrance fill your space, transforming your surroundings into a personal sanctuary. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or creating a peaceful ambiance for a quiet read, our Silver Candle Tin is your perfect companion. A touch of elegance, a dash of comfort, and a whole lot of ambiance, all packed into one beautiful, portable tin.

Burn Time: approximately 10-16 hours

Weight: 11 oz

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 1.75″


  • 18 COMPLETE CANDLE TINS-18 tins, 18 lids-Empty Metal Storage Containers.
  • Used for candle making, party favors, Store gifts, spices & herbs, balms & gels, geocaching, crafts, travel, storage & more, Our tins are Easy to Carry and Use.
  • Seamless contruction, made of high quality aluminum, durable. Perfect for DIY candle making projects. Great for travel size & camping candles, candle tins are better than glass for beginning candle makers.
  • With humanize return policy. Value for money guaranteed, if you are not Satisfied with your Purchase for Any Reason, you can contact us for a free replacement or 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

4. Capri Blue Volcano Candle Tin

This tin candle has a cult following thanks to its intoxicating tropical scent. The tin design is modern and chic, adding to its appeal.

Capri Blue’s Volcano Candle Tin is a high-quality, stylishly packaged product with a unique, beloved fragrance. While the price may be higher than some other brands, many users find the sensory experience it offers to be worth the investment.

Burn Time: approximately 12-22 hours

Weight: 3 oz

Dimensions: 1.75″ x 2.75″


  • The candle tin is attractively designed, often in Capri Blue’s signature blue color or other vibrant hues, depending on the edition. The tin design is sleek and modern, making it a stylish addition to any decor.
  • Capri Blue’s candle tins are known for their long burn times. The exact duration can depend on factors such as how the candle is maintained (e.g., keeping the wick trimmed), but users generally report satisfaction with the lifespan of these candles.
  • The candles are made from a high-quality soy wax blend, that is designed to burn cleanly and evenly.
  • The Volcano scent is a unique blend of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, with a lightly exotic mountain greenery note. This unique combination is invigorating and widely loved, often described as both relaxing and uplifting.

5. Ahyiyou Vintage Candle Tins

Vintage patterns can evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm. They can be intricate or simple, but they often give a candle tin a distinctive and appealing look.

Vintage designs can blend seamlessly into various decor styles, including traditional, boho, rustic, and even modern, if used as a contrast piece. This versatility makes them a great choice for a wide range of settings.

Depending on the intricacy of the vintage pattern, it may make the production process more complex and potentially increase the cost of the candle tin.

In conclusion, a vintage pattern on a candle tin can be a fantastic design choice that enhances the product’s appeal. It offers uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and versatility, although it might also increase the product’s cost due to the complexity of the design.

Burn Time: approximately 10-20 hours

Weight: 2.5 oz

Dimensions: 1.6″ x 2.6″


  • Candle tins are well made and all came in great condition, no dents and can be recycled or re-used making. Besides, every tin comes with a lid which fit perfectly and smoothly, worked out perfect!
  • Included 28 pieces of round tin containers. Candle making kits bulk pack meets your multipurpose uses for candle making, DIY crafts, slime containers, & more. Also ideal for organizing small items like pills, beads, screws, candies, buttons, coins, cosmetics, lip balms, creams, etc.
  • The bottom is printed with notes for using tin candles so that it can save the extra cost of buying labels specifically. They are professional candle tins in good value!
  • Perfect Gifts: Just use these attractive & unique zodiac pattern tins to diy candles as a gift set, your friend or families would love the lovely design and that elegant touch so much!

6. Black Candle Tins

Black candle tins offer a timeless, elegant look that can suit many tastes and decor styles. They provide a discreet, sophisticated aesthetic while also offering practical benefits like hiding soot marks.

On the downside, black surfaces absorb heat more readily, which may cause the tin to get hotter than lighter-colored ones. It’s always important to handle a lit candle with care.

Burn Time: approximately 13-23 hours

Weight: 2.04 oz

Dimensions: 1.81″ x 2.56″


  • Great for travel size & camping candles, candle making, candle tins are better than glass for beginning candle makers.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Seamless contruction, made of high quality tinplate.
  • Candles, Confectionery, Gifts, Herbs & Spices; All the jars are covered with plastic bags to protect your beautiful works.
  • Seamless construction made of durable, high-quality tinplate. Perfect for DIY candle making projects, and great for travel size candles & camping candles.

7. Square Candle Tins

Square candle tins provide a distinctive, modern aesthetic that stands out from the more common round candle tins. This uniqueness can make the product more appealing to consumers looking for something different.

A square tin can provide more stability than a round one. It’s less likely to roll or tip over, which can be an important safety advantage.

Depending on the design, square tins may be slightly more difficult to open and close than round ones due to the corners. Also, the wax may not burn as evenly in a square container compared to a round one, potentially affecting the candle’s lifespan and fragrance throw.

Burn Time: approximately 16-26hours

Weight: 4.22 oz

Dimensions: 2.5″ x 2.5″


  • Each of these square candle tin cans comes with a carefully sealed seam to avoid leaking.
  • Aside from using these candle jars as plain décor and as candle containers for making candles, these metal tins with lids have other uses, too.
  • Add a touch of sparkling metal tins to your living space with our painted metal candle containers that come in classic hues like minimalistic lavender.


Q:What’s the benefit of candle tins?
A:Candle tins are portable, reusable, prevent wax from dripping onto surfaces, and keep the scent locked in when not in use.

Q:How to Care for Your Candle Tins

A:To prolong the life of your candle tins, make sure to trim the wick before each use, keep the wax pool clear of debris, and don’t let your candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time. When the candle has burned down, you can repurpose the tin.

Q:What factors should I consider when choosing a candle tin?
A:Consider the material, size, and design of the candle tin.

Q:Which candle tin is best for travel?
A:Yankee Candle Tins are a great choice for travel due to their sturdy build and lid.

Q:Can I reuse a candle tin after the candle has burned down?
A:Yes, you can repurpose candle tins in various ways, such as storage containers or plant pots.

Q:How do I make custom candle tins in bulk?
A:If you would like a bespoke candle jar for your candle tins. You first need to find a reliable tin container supplier and know about custom tins(Custom Tins: The Ultimate Guide).


Candle Tins, with their versatility, beauty, and practical benefits, are more than just a décor item. They’re a statement of style, a mark of thoughtfulness when gifted, and a nod towards sustainable living. With their rising popularity, candle tins continue to prove that sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. As noted by the renowned author Leo Tolstoy, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

In a world increasingly turning towards sustainability and meaningfulness, the charm of candle tins is here to stay. Illuminate your spaces with their radiant glow and revel in the myriad benefits they bring.


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