Top 5 Tin Container Suppliers in the USA

Tin Container Suppliers

Tin containers are versatile and reliable packaging solutions that have gained popularity in various industries. From storing food products to cosmetics and even small trinkets, tin containers offer a combination of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. If you’re in the market for high-quality tin containers in the USA, it’s essential to find a reliable supplier who […]

Child Resistant Tins For Ultimate Safety

Child Resistant Tins For Ultimate Safety

Introduction: The Growing Need for Child Resistant Tins We live in a world full of potentially dangerous substances – from medications to household cleaners, these everyday items can pose a significant risk to children if ingested or mishandled. That’s where child resistant tins come into play. These ingenious containers provide a safe and effective way […]

How to choose candle containers? (The Definitive Guide)

How to choose candle containers (The Definitive Guide)

Candles are a popular and versatile product that can set the mood for any occasion, be it a romantic dinner, a relaxing bath, or a festive celebration. Choosing the right candle container is crucial for not only the aesthetic appeal of the candle but also its safety and functionality. In this article, we will explore […]

Tin Boxes: The Must-Have Packaging for Increasing Sales

tin boxes banner

A tin box is a container for packaging products and supplies. These containers are like no others, and they give you a classy and expensive way to show off your goods. The materials used to produce the tin boxes are durable and protective. Everything stored in the box, from instant coffee to candy or treats, […]

18 Most Popular Tea Tins: A Simple Guide


You won’t notice the difference between fresh and stale tea if you’re not a tea enthusiast. Properly storing tea allows it to retain its flavor and aroma for longer, giving you more for your money with each cup. One great way to keep tea fresh is by storing it in containers. We’ll be discussing the […]

Coffee Can Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

coffee can packaging

Producers and distributors go to great lengths to preserve coffee’s taste and aromatic quality. One single mistake or mild exposure to air, and the coffee beans or ground coffee could lose half or more of their flavors. Fortunately, there’s an easy and accessible method to prevent this issue. Coffee can packaging is the most effective […]

What Are Tin Candles And How To Preserve Them?

colored candle tins with gift box

Tin candles are small candles that are usually kept in a container. This type of candle allows people to light it up anywhere and anytime to enjoy its scented fragrance. The container is equally important as the candle. And candle tins are the most effective item for longer preservation. Candle tins preserve candles in compact […]

Candle Tins For Yankee Candle

60X40 mm candle tins

This article has been reviewed and approved for publication by the client. In April 2020, I got to know the multinational trader Zoe on LinkedIn. He was looking for the candle tins suppliers for Yankee Candle. And, Yankee is well-known for the retail brand of candles and aromatherapy. Zoe came across a big trouble: In spite of limited total purchase this time, he […]

Storage Tins For United Airlines

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This article has been reviewed and approved for publication by the client. In 2019, Finetins received an inquiry from Mr Ben, the Purchasing Manager of United Airlines. We needed to provide flip tins with storage coasters. Two weeks after our quotation, the customer paid the proofing fee and asked us to provide the sample within 8 days. As for the flip tins with storage […]

Tin Tray For Coca-Cola

coca cola tin rectangle serving tray

In July 2015, I received an inquiry about tin trays from Mike, an authorized distributor of Coca-Cola. This time, he customized the tin trays emblazoned with the logo of Coca-Cola. After taking consideration of the customer’s needs, I quickly replied to the quotation to Mike by email. The next day, Mike replied that I would pay for proofing. However, if the sample wasn’t good enough, he […]