Tin Tray & Ice Bucket

Finetins is an excellent factory of tin tray & ice bucket in China. As we extend our expertise in selling them, we can assist you with customization. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We can have the shape, capacity, and design according to your requirements.

custom tin tray

Tin Tray & Ice Bucket Series

We provide tin tray & ice bucket for many of the world’s leading beverage brands. Here are some of our popular candle tins.

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Productivity Information of Finetins

  • Area: 11000 Square Meters
  • R&D engineers: 3 Staffs
  • Tin Molds: 2000+ Sets
  • Production Worker: 50 Staffs
  • QC Team: 8 Staffs
  • Production Capacity: 2,000,000 PCS Per Month
  • Machines: 
    • 120 Stamping Machines
    • 3 Automatic Cutting Machines
    • 6 Automatic Production Line   
    • 3 Fuji Printing Machines
    • 3 Packing Line                               

Custom Tin Tray & Ice Bucket

Custom your tin tray or ice bucket with different print, multi-colors, different material, shapes, and features. High quality printing, offer free sample delivery!

MOQ  From 5000 PCS.

Finetins has been producing hundreds of million custom tin tray & ice bucket . We can produce 60,000 tin tray or ice bucket per day. Usually, we can finish the first order in 20 days and repeat orders in 15 days.

Good or bad packaging directly affects the sales of your candle. If you don’t know much about tin tray & ice bucket, please check out our guide.

Tin Packaging Solutions To Your Industry

We can produce more than that!

Please note that Finetins are a tin packaging manufacturer. We has produced thousands of types of tin packaging. We can produce any process of tin products.

Service For Your Tin Tray & Ice Bucket

Finetins provides customers with one-stop service of tin tray & ice bucket. 99% of the customers in cooperation with Finetins are satisfied with our service.


With our supporting team of professional designers, we can turn your tin tray or ice bucket information into product rendering.


We offer pro-active optimization of cost, design, manufacturing and logistics to ensure you save time and money. We can answer all your questions about tin tray or ice bucket.

Stringent quality control

With our QC team, we’re committed to continually improving the quality of our tin tray or ice bucket and services for the best customer experience.

Production Management

As for the continuous research on the production process, we provide the customers with top quality tin tray & ice bucket. Make the consumers purchase your products without hesitation due to the perfect products.

Free Samples

After confirming the intention of cooperation, we will make free samples according to your needs. We can modify the sample for many times with the consideration of your complete satisfaction.

hassle-free logistics

If you don’t have a freight forwarder, our freight team and shipping partners find end-to-end distribution solutions to deliver your tin tray & ice bucket on the fly, or through scheduled periodic delivery programs.

Successful Case Of Finetins

As for the cooperation with customers, we have more than 3,000 successful cases in all. Every successful case is closely connected with our enthusiastic and professional service, in addition to the trust from our customers. With this library, you can establish your ideal structure that is tailored to your beverage business.

The following cooperation cases are released officially with the consent of the customers.