Tin Boxes: The Must-Have Packaging for Increasing Sales

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A tin box is a container for packaging products and supplies.

These containers are like no others, and they give you a classy and expensive way to show off your goods. The materials used to produce the tin boxes are durable and protective.

Everything stored in the box, from instant coffee to candy or treats, remains edible and fresh.

But what are tin boxes, exactly? And how can these containers boost your business operations?

In this article, we discuss these matters thoroughly. By the end, you will know why ordering tin boxes might be one of the wisest choices and investments you can make for your company’s success.

What Are Tin Boxes for Packaging? — Everything You Need to Know!

various types of tin boxes
Various Types of Tin Boxes

Tin boxes are containers usually made with steel and a tin coating. People also know these containers as “Tins” only.

Typically, the boxes have removable lids or hinged covers. Many people collect tin boxes for fun, while others use them to store supplies or for decorative applications.

Usual Material of Tin Boxes

high-quality tinplate
High-quality Tinplate

Tin boxes feature high-quality tinplate as the core material. Equally important are the thickness and dimensions. Tinplate is easy to shape and decorate and is lightweight, strong, and versatile. It is widely used for packaging products such as food, cosmetics, and gift items.

Usually, the boxes have between 0.21 and 0.35 mm in thickness. This thickness level makes the tin boxes durable to last a long time and resistant to protect the content from damage.

In addition to tinplate, some tin boxes may also be made from other metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. However, tinplate is the most commonly used material due to its cost-effectiveness and availability.

Tin boxes may also have various coatings or finishes, such as lacquers or varnishes, to enhance their appearance and provide additional protection against corrosion and other environmental factors.

Customization Options(outer printing)

Packaging of Platform T, A Tea Lounge

The manufacturer can customize the outer printing to suit specific business images. You can ask for colors, text, and pictures that match your brand and help sell more products.

Packaging printing helps in creating brand recognition and brand recall among consumers. The design, color, logo, and other branding elements printed on the packaging help to differentiate the product from its competitors and create a unique identity.

By customizing tin boxes, you have the opportunity to sell directly with new and improved packaging.

Tin Cans — An Alternative to Tin Boxes

Tinplate cans are ideal containers for many products. For instance, customers can use the cans to store coffee, treats, beans, candy, biscuits, and more.

Some variations have themed designs for decoration during the holiday season.

Tin cans are generally smaller than the usual tin box. Therefore, they can be containers for buttons, keys, or any other item you need to store.

Likewise, people collect and decorate these containers as a hobby. Did you know that Belgium’s Yvette Dardenne has a collection of over 56,800 tin boxes?


Production of Tin Boxes — Only the Highest Quality Materials Used!

Making tin boxes is a thorough procedure that starts with collecting raw materials. These materials make sure that the product is of good quality and that the customer will enjoy it for a long time.

The materials used to make tin boxes include galvanized iron, tinplate ground iron, or tinplate smooth iron. These steel variations have long lifespans, are reliable, and can resist different temperatures.

As a result, the content inside the box will remain safe from conditions outside.

But more importantly, the raw materials are not expensive.

Over the years, we’ve established professional relationships with distributors to buy these materials at a low cost. This way, our clients can purchase tin box containers in bulk at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Types of Tin Boxes for Packaging

Tin boxes come in many shapes, forms, and sizes to suit different needs. The boxes are also ideal for specific occasions, like Christmas or school seasons. Here’s a list of tin box types for people of all ages.

Cookie Tin Boxes

Cookie Tin Boxes

Storing cookies is easily the most popular use for tin boxes.

These containers are great for bakeries and other businesses that want to keep cookies and other baked goods fresh. When the final consumer opens the box, the cookies feel and smell like they just came out of the oven. ( Custom Cookie Tins: What The Manufacturer Has To Say )

Tin Box With Lid for Coffee

Tin Box With Lid for Coffee
Tin Box With Lid for Coffee

Using tin cans to preserve coffee is another popular application for these containers. An essential characteristic of coffee is its aromatic fragrance, which is tricky to maintain. In contrast, a lead-sealed tin box completely seals.

So, neither air nor moisture can get inside and ruin the coffee inside. ( Coffee Can Packaging: The Ultimate Guide )

Tea Tins

tin boxes for tea
Tin Boxes For Tea

Tea leaves require special storage conditions to remain fresh. Metal tins satisfy these requirements by keeping loose tea leaves in an airtight container.

Also, the metal keeps the contents fresh by keeping air and moisture out. Since the containers are also decorative, you can use them to draw more eyes to your tea product.

We have listed the 18 most popular tea tins, if you want to know, click on this.

Candle Tins

Candle Tins
Candle Tins

Tins can be used to store candles around the house or as decorative items. The sophisticated design of tin boxes improves the mood set by lit candles.

Also, the containers make sure that the candles burn evenly, so their effects last longer.

Medicine Tins

Tin Boxes Medicine
Tin Boxes Medicine

Tin boxes are convenient solutions to keep medicine organized. The container material can be kept at controlled temperatures to protect the integrity of its contents.

As a result, medicine in pill and tablet form stored in a tin box will not lose its effectiveness.

The following are other types of tin boxes and their applications.

  • Tins for Special Events. Get ‘Tin Trays’ and ‘Ice Buckets’ to serve friends and family at birthdays or social events.
  • Decoration Tins. Add a special touch to the house with ‘Decorative Tins’ and Candle Tins.
  • Cosmetic Tins. Keep cosmetic products at hand with a ‘Cosmetic Tin.’

The Right Tin Box Can Significantly Increase Sales

Tin boxes give the same old products a brand-new look to reach more customers. This innovative marketing approach can increase sales and boost company success.

Furthermore, tin boxes provide an appealing packaging method while saving money on costs. These are the reasons why tin boxes are must-have items for product suppliers.

Give your Products a New Look to Increase Sales

Use tin boxes to store coffee beans, candy, and other supplies in durable and convenient containers. With a tin can, customers can look at standard products with new eyes, increasing their likelihood of buying them.

Several studies have shown that consumers are more likely to purchase products with visually appealing packaging. For example, a study by the Paper and Packaging Board found that 72% of consumers said that packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. Another study by the Mintel Group found that 70% of consumers agree that packaging design can impact their perception of a brand.

Good-Looking Containers at Affordable Prices

Good-Looking Containers

Tin boxes are not expensive. Buying in bulk can save considerable money you would spend on buying other types of containers and shipping fees.

In many ways, tin boxes offer a convenient solution for repackaging products and saving space while staying within the established budget.

Tin boxes have diverse finishes that increase their luxurious design. Order the containers with gloss, matte, and other finishes to get everyone’s eyes on your product.

During the manufacturing process, this finish is protected so that it doesn’t wear down or get structurally damaged. This makes sure that clients get a high-quality supply container.

Keep Supplies Protected!

Tin boxes prevent unwanted damage to the content. Some types of food can stay fresh longer in tin boxes because they keep out moisture, air, and light. This can help keep bacteria from growing and keep the food’s quality for a longer time.

After storing supplies inside the box, the content will remain edible. Even after weeks, instant coffee, biscuits, and treats will be in perfect condition.

However, tin boxes may not be suitable for all types of food. For example, tin boxes may not be appropriate for perishable food items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, which require refrigeration to maintain their freshness. Additionally, tin boxes may not be able to preserve the freshness of food for an indefinite period and may need to be consumed within a certain timeframe to ensure optimal quality.

An Effective Method to Boost Brand Image

tin boxes of statbuck
Tin Boxes of Statbuck

Competing with established companies and new entrepreneurs is already hard enough. However, tin boxes offer an opportunity to work on rebuilding your brand and launching it to new audiences.

Tin boxes are customizable, allowing you to choose colors and illustrations true to your brand.

The design of Starbucks’ packaging is a key aspect of the brand’s identity and marketing strategy. Starbucks is known for its iconic green and white color scheme, which is used across all of its packaging and in-store branding. The design of the packaging is consistent and easy to recognize, which helps consumers remember and recognize the brand.

Show Your Clients that You Care

Standard packaging is less likely to captivate regular and new customers. On the other hand, using tin boxes to package products shows that you believe in your business.

Something this simple proves to your consumers that you value presentation and offers more incentives to buy.

The packaging is the first contact a potential customer establishes with your product. It can create an instant impression, be it good or bad.

In this case, custom tin boxes can make a significant difference.

Customers will be more likely to buy your stock merchandise when they notice the sophisticated package.

Benefits for Final Consumers — More than Just a Container

The primary purpose of a tin box is to store supplies like coffee. For suppliers, these containers also provide an eye-catching method to sell products and boost brand image.

But the final consumer also gets many more benefits, like the following.

A Luxurious Container

Tin boxes have a metallic shine that looks luxurious. Therefore, consumers can use the containers to give away gifts in premium-looking boxes.

Prices are also low, saving final clients plenty of money they would spend on containers with similar styles.

Damage Prevention

Tin boxes effectively protect products and other items from damage while stored away.

The tin material is reliable and durable, allowing the container to withstand bumps and environmental conditions. Some variations are customizable with padded interiors, offering more protection for storing fragile items.

Customers Can Use Tin Boxes for Other Purposes

A tin box doesn’t lose its purpose after the consumer empties it. Instead, they can repurpose the container and use it for other things. The boxes can perfectly hold jewelry, cosmetic products, office items, and more.

The Process of Making Tin Boxes — Your Business Success as the Main Priority

Production Process
Production Process

The manufacturing process revolves around meeting your demands and providing what you need. Our team works closely with you to address concerns, feedback, and inquiries.

We accommodate your necessities to guarantee that final consumers get what they want.

If you would like to find out how to customize tin boxes, please see this page.

Things You Should Know About Tin Boxes Before Buying

At Finetins, we’re always open to addressing your inquiries and accepting your tin box order. Nonetheless, a few considerations are crucial before submitting your request.

Keep the following information in mind to ensure you’re content with your order.

Order Ahead of Time

For a satisfying experience, place your order ahead of time. Manufacturing tin boxes is a complex process. It involves creating samples, discussing feedback, and processing the order after your approval.

Similarly, the shipping time may vary depending on your location. Ordering in bulk at a moment’s notice will not lead to a pleasant outcome.

Most brands will order tin boxes packaging for their products at least six months in advance.

Not Suitable for Acidic Content

Acidic content can severely damage tin boxes. Therefore, this type of container is not ideal if you sell products like pickles or fruit juices.

Talk to the people at Finetins to figure out what the best way is to pack up the product you want to ship.

Your Ideas Matter

Design drawings of tin cans
Design drawings of tin cans

The designer team accepts input from clients. As a result, you can easily submit unique designs to customize your tin box order. It would be more beneficial if you could send us a design in AI or PSD format to get things moving.

On the other hand, Finetins’ catalog has a number of themed tin boxes that can be used for holidays, special occasions, and more.

Finetins, the Ultimate Destination for Your Packaging Needs

Tin Boxes Factory
Tin Boxes Factory

Finetins is a tin packaging manufacturer founded in 2012. The company consists of a 5-person design team and eight qualified professionals in charge of administrative services.

Over 50 workers are responsible for the supply chain team, including managers and engineers.

The goal at Finetins is to help businesses increase sales by presenting their products under new packaging. To achieve that goal, the company offers a one-stop service to design and produce tin cans and boxes for packaging.

Our clients can rely on an efficient service with hassle-free logistics and thorough feedback to create packaging suitable for your standards.

Here at Finetins, we’ve collaborated with worldwide brands over the years. A solid reputation backs our work, which will benefit your business in various ways.

Boost your sales and improve your market presence with the finest tin boxes.

No Intermediaries

When you deal with Finetins, you deal directly with a renowned tin box manufacturer. There are no intermediaries or third parties involved, which significantly reduces how much you end up paying.

Overall, you save up to 20% on each order requested via our services.

Quick Shipping and Delivery Time

As a company with a base in China, we understand the urgency of delivering quality packaging on time. So, we approach each order with a timely response.

Similarly, you can keep tabs on your shipment during transportation to monitor its status.

Only the Highest Quality Products

Finetins makes sure that every tin box is safe and reliable by only using high-quality materials. In the same way, constant communication with you makes sure that the shape, design, and thickness of the products meet your needs.

Don’t Trust Our Word?  Believe in Our Previous Partners!

Previous collaborations with Coca-Cola, Disney, and United Airlines prove our expertise as the leading brand manufacturing tin boxes for packaging.

Finetins has worked with companies worldwide, delivering orders on time and in perfect condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tin boxes made of?

Tin boxes feature materials like galvanized iron. Other variations have smooth tinplate iron or tinplate ground iron. This selection of raw materials is reliable for their durability and resistance. Any product stored in the container will remain fresh and safe from exterior conditions.

2. What is a tin box used for?

A tin box is a resistant metal container to store food, treats, and other supplies like instant coffee. The boxes can also preserve the freshness of cookies and tea leaves. Other uses for these items include organizing cosmetics and medicines.

3. Are tin boxes prone to rust?

Tin boxes don’t rust. The tinplate and build materials undergo different treatments that make them resistant to rust. Furthermore, the containers have sealed interiors to prevent damage to the content. Overall, leaving the boxes exposed to the environment will not cause problems.

4. Why use tin boxes for packaging?

Tin boxes are affordable containers for packaging supplies. The boxes are easy to handle and consume little space on shelves. Customized tin containers are also a great way to sell items with a new look and package. The final consumers also get different advantages, like using the container for other purposes or giving it away as a gift.

5. What do you need to order tin boxes in bulk?

You must provide a list of requirements to process your tin box order faster. For example, you have to give information like the preferred packaging category, size, shape, and amount. If you have doubts, a Finetin representative will address your concerns and discuss feedback.

6. How long does it take to deliver tin boxes?

Delivery time for tin box shipments usually takes 30 days. The estimated time may vary depending on the items and quantity ordered. Potential changes to the base design and feedback may also influence the manufacturing process and cause delays until a satisfying product sample is achieved.

7. Are tin boxes better than plastic containers?

Tin boxes or metal containers are more durable and resistant than plastic containers. Plus, customers can repurpose a tin container numerous times without losing effectiveness. Unlike plastic, tinplate materials are friendlier to the environment. Recycling companies can also use the steel of emptied tin boxes to create new items.

Final Words

Quality packaging can make a huge difference in how you present your merchandise. Customers will notice the attention to detail and be more likely to buy the products after their first impression.

Ordering tin boxes in bulk can also reduce costs and save you money you would spend on other packaging services. It’s a win-win situation for you as a business manager and the client who invests their money.

The team behind Finetins works hard to make sure the final product satisfies your demands and suits the products for sale. If you’re ready to discuss a deal, head over to Finetins.com and send an inquiry.


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