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In July 2015, I received an inquiry about tin trays from Mike, an authorized distributor of Coca-Cola. This time, he customized the tin trays emblazoned with the logo of Coca-Cola.

After taking consideration of the customer’s needs, I quickly replied to the quotation to Mike by email. The next day, Mike replied that I would pay for proofing. However, if the sample wasn’t good enough, he would ask us to refund the proofing fee and pay for it.

It was the first time for us to be trapped into such situation, because professional tray manufacturers couldn’t make such products far from satisfactory. With the puzzles, I asked Mike if there was something wrong with the samples before.

Mike told me that he had tried another supplier to provide the samples two months before. But the samples provided by another supplier were always defective. The pattern on the tray edge is always emblazoned in the wrong place. After making of samples for three times, this problem still failed to find the solution. Then, Mike had to try seeking for new suppliers to provide the samples.

After five days, our first set of samples came out. I first sent the sample photos to Mike. He learned the photos carefully before making sure our samples were perfect. Besides Coca-Cola trays, I also sent Mike other types of trays.

coca cola tin rectangle serving tray
coca cola tin rectangle serving tray

After receiving the samples, Mike sung high praise for our production level and service efficiency. Without hesitation, he placed an order for 24,000 Coca-Cola trays. 25 days later, we successfully shipped the Coca-Cola trays.

Since 2015, Mike has been one of our most stable customers. He placed the orders with us at least three times a year. I hope his business will be better and better in the coming days.


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