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In 2019, Finetins received an inquiry from Mr Ben, the Purchasing Manager of United Airlines. We needed to provide flip tins with storage coasters. Two weeks after our quotation, the customer paid the proofing fee and asked us to provide the sample within 8 days.

As for the flip tins with storage coasters, it took at least 15 days to finish making the proof in accordance with the regular procedure. However, in order to meet the needs of customers, Finetins has formed a team to work overtime  and sent the sample to Mr. Ben on the eighth day as scheduled.

storage tins for united airlines pic
storage tins for united airlines pic

After receiving the sample, with great care, Mr. Ben checked the printed color on the storage box with the help of a magnifying glass. If there were some errors, United Airlines wouldn’t place the orders with us. Finetins owned the world’s most advanced Japanese Fuji printing press and printing masters with printing experiences for over ten years. Even the gray, the most difficult to calibrate, we also had no errors on the samples.

The 50,000 tins with storage coasters have been successfully completed within 20 days. And, Finetins’s high efficiency and professional service have saved much time for United Airlines.


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