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In May 2018, I received an email from Noemi, a Spanish customer, who just expressed himself simply to find a batch of biscuit iron tins.  In the email, I have found no other information than the box size, design drawing and quantity demanded.

For such a simple email, Finetins business staff still paid more attention on it and made full use of their own professional skills. Lex, a salesman of Fineins, took the initiative to recommend 15 biscuit tins for guests’ reference.

The next day, Lex got a reply from Noemi and learned that he was not satisfied with the styles of biscuit tins. He wanted to the biscuit tins in the shape of a skull. In addition, he failed to provide the styles with no specific size and specific design drawings, just indicating the tins could contain 250 grams or 150 grams of biscuits.

Based on the customer’s request, Lex began to work after communicating with our designers and mold makers. From the drawing design, proofing, trial assembly, he sent the product design draft to Noemi after everything was ready. 

The customer was grateful for our work without delay and satisfied with the design. Then, he gave us some suggestions on the modification of the samples. Two weeks later, the customer determined to adopt the design draft. So we began to open the mold and proofing.

After 20 days, the mold and samples came out. When Noemi received the samples, he praised our high work efficiency. Actually, the samples were beyond Noemi’s expectation and he repeatedly expressed his great satisfaction with them.

cookie tins for Noemi
cookie tins for Noemi

At that time, Noemi put forward new requirements for us. Since it was the first time to develop this kind of biscuit tins, we were uncertain whether it can meet the demand of the market. Without increasing the quotation, we were asked to put stickers on 7 types of 40,000 biscuit tins.

In order to help Noemi in grasping market share easily, we made a decision to reduce profits in cooperation with him to produce the biscuit tins. In 30 days, Finetins has finished making 40,000 personalized skull biscuit tins successfully.

Finetins’s support for Noemi has also been rewarded, and we have produced a total of 200,000 such biscuit tins. The original small customers have grown to big customers. In the past two years, Finetins has designed 16 chocolate tins and 5 candy iron tins for Noemi. And, the launch of each product has become a popular style.


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