Candy Tin Set For Disney

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I met Jack in the first year of founding FINETINS. He was the purchasing manager of a candy brand in the United States, specializing in the procurement of product packaging. Their candy was very popular with consumers because of its high performance-to-price ratio.

In 2018, Jack excitedly told me his company had obtained a Disney IP license. This time, they were going to introduce a new candy set to the market. The set will be made up of candy tins of three sizes, which would be displayed and sold in the mall on a paper tray. The three candy tins will be printed with pictures of Mickey and Minnie respectively.

The big company like Jack’s had its own packaging design department. After he sent me the design information about the candy tinr, I knew the candy set would be a hit. It took me about 7 days to turn Jack’s design draft into a sample.


After Jack received the sample, he praised the product structure and quality. However, he also put forward some suggestions for modification. For example, Mickey and Minnie’s faces are not pink and tender, and the overall white is too white, which should be adjusted to beige white that meets the requirements of the guests. It is normal in the tins packaging industry, because the designs of customers are presented on paper. The same pantone color will naturally be shown with some color deviation on objects with different textures. At the same time, it shows the guests are very strict with the color.

The printing engineer in our factory debugged the printing parameters after learning the customer’s requirements. We have made two sets of samples for our customers to choose from. After receiving the sample, Jack was very grateful that we could provide two sets of different color depth samples for him to choose from at the same time. This saved a lot of time in placing orders, and they urgently needed to receive cookie cans in two months’ time to pack the products.

Candy Tin Set For Disney
Candy Tin Set For Disney

At last, Jack chose the one he was satisfied with. After passing the FDA test, he placed an order for us. We have received three orders for this set of products in one year. So far, we have had a total production of 35,000 sets.

Jack told me that he was very grateful for Finetins’s service, otherwise he would not have completed purchasing this set of products so easily.


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