What Are Tin Candles And How To Preserve Them?

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Tin candles are small candles that are usually kept in a container. This type of candle allows people to light it up anywhere and anytime to enjoy its scented fragrance. The container is equally important as the candle. And candle tins are the most effective item for longer preservation.

tin candle containers
tin candle containers

Candle tins preserve candles in compact and beautiful containers. These items effectively hold candles of different sizes, keeping them in place for use, decoration, or storage. The containers are also spacious and provide enough room for candles to burn away without creating a waxy mess.

If you sell or distribute tin candles, you need candle tins. These products allow your consumers to place the candles virtually anywhere and safely. Consumers will also appreciate your commitment to delivering the most thoughtful service, as the containers get the most out of scented candles.

At FineTins.Com, we offer candle tin containers for tin candle distributors worldwide. A solid reputation backs our commitment to delivering quality products, as shown by previous partnerships with Coca-Cola, Disney, and other world-class brands.

Learn more about candle tins and our service here.

What Makes the Best Candle Tins?

The quality of a good candle tin is noticeable from the moment the candle starts to burn. Problems with heat or an odd shape can lead to wasting tin candles and money, two things you want to avoid. Check out how we at FineTins provide quality containers for candles.

An Ideal Shape

Almost any container can hold a tin candle, but our products are one step ahead of the curve. Our perfectly shaped candle containers keep burning candles centered, creating a uniform melt pool.

This way, the melt pool does not distribute unevenly or affect how the candle burns. Lastly, the shapes of candle tins at FineTins are easy to use as travel tins and compatible with single and multi-wicked candles.

The Perfect Size for Every Candle

Choosing the right candle container size depends on many factors. At our manufacturing facilities, the staff is aware of this fact. As a result, our small containers fit tin candles of different sizes.

The items offered at Fine Tins can also hold denser wax fluid and leave some room to separate the container brim from the top surface of the wax.

The Highest Quality Materials

Candle tins are constantly in the presence of heat, requiring heat-resistant materials to hold their shape. Our list of products includes candle containers featuring resistant metals.

raw materials for candle tins
raw materials for candle tins

These materials are heated to high temperatures and do not release toxic chemicals after heating up. Thus, we ensure safe and friendly candle containers for children, adults, and the elderly.

Lids and No Lids

At Fine Tins, we understand the value of maintaining the essence of a lit or stored tin candle. Thus, our catalog offers containers with and without lids. Keeping the lid sealed guarantees fragrances like essential oils do not fade away quickly.

Lids and No Lids
Lids and No Lids

These products can also preserve scented candles and protect them from dust or other particles.

Process of Making Candle Tins

We work closely with candle distributors at Fine Tins to satisfy your demands and keep the consumer happy. Here’s how we do it.

Customized Design

A team of professional designers creates product renderings based on your order. Desired shapes, sizes, dimensions, colors, and more information provided become fine candle tin designs. Of course, you can also browse our candle tins product gallery to find designs that are already popular. This will save you time.

View Results Beforehand

Once we establish a working partnership, we will work closely with you to deliver on each of your demands. This includes providing free samples of the ordered candle tins, glass jars, and other items to confirm the design is on track with your requirements.

Plus, we can change the product design as many times as needed to ensure your satisfaction.

Optimized Work

The staff at Fine Tins sets up an efficient working plan to produce the desired product while reducing costs. We optimize procedures like manufacturing and logistics around the customer’s request to guarantee quality items at affordable prices.

Tin Candle Factory
Tin Candle Factory

Severe Quality Control

The quality control team evaluates every single candle tin after production. A comprehensive review of the product allows us to confirm whether it will meet your demands. Ultimately, what you get is a certified, top-quality candle container.

Packaging Ready for Consumers

Don’t worry about packaging the candle tins for consumers. Our experienced staff makes sure that every order comes already packaged and ready for sale. The packaging protects the candle containers while also making the product look professional to attract more eyes.

Packaging Ready for Consumers
Packaging Ready for Consumers

A Cooperative Effort

Shipping logistics can be a hassle, which is why we take care of them for you. If you don’t have a freight forwarder, trust us to move the candle tin packages from our warehouse to your store.

Our experienced freight team and shipping partners work on the logistics to secure end-to-end distributions on the go. Alternatively, we also offer diverse delivery programs to transport merchandise on set dates.  


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